Saturday, June 8, 2013

Love This Google Doc Extension

If you're like me and use Chrome as your browser and Google Docs with your students, you're going to love the Chrome extension Read&Write for Google Docs. You simply go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Read&Write. Click on the Add to Chrome button and after a few prompts you have to respond to it will be added. When you open a Google Doc you will see a new addition to the toolbar. 

Now all of your students have access UDL features such as a text-to-speech tool, a dictionary and image dictionary, a fact finder, and a translator while working within a Google Doc. 

My favorite feature is the Vocabulary builder (the last icon on the toolbar). I tried it out and created a vocablary list. What I really love is that a student can add notes to the last column and the vocabulary list can be saved, printed, or copy and pasted into a new Google Doc. (I noticed the date, which is automatically added, is in the European format. I created this list on June 8, 2013.)

Check out all of the assistance the Read&Write extension offers our students by watching this YouTube video

(Click here to watch if you are unable to view it. )

If you would like to learn more about Google Tools to use in your classroom check the blog post 10 Creative Ways to Use Google Tools to Maximize Learning. This is where I learned about this awesome extension. 

So what do you think? How could you use this with your students?