Sunday, June 14, 2015

What If YouTube is Blocked?

Today I learned how to take a YouTube video, upload it to my Google Drive and then use the embed code to put it on another site. Why would I need to do this? Well, unfortunately YouTube and other video sharing sites are blocked by many schools. This way, no matter where I'm located when trying to show a video, I won't have to worry about it being blocked.

Steps for the WorkAround
1. Locate the video
2. Copy URL for the video
3. Paste URL into KeepVid (save to your desktop) 
4. Open your Google Drive
5. Click on New
6. Select File upload
7. Select the video from your desktop
8. Click on upload
9. After video has uploaded into your Google Drive, open it.
10. Make sure you click on the pop-out arrow along the top right (next to the X) to open all the video in a new window.
11. Click on the More actions along top (three vertical dots)
12. Click on embed item
13. Highlight the HTML code, and copy it
14. Open site where you want to embed the video
15. Paste the embed code there
16. Viola! You now have the video that will play from Google Drive viewer and will not be blocked

Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 #JJAProject Kicks Off

Since today is June 1st, I am beginning the #JJAProject again for the summer. Today I snapped a picture of the first prfessional development book I'll be reading this summer, posted it to Twitter with the hashtag #JJAProect and uploaded it to our Flickr group.

I started the #JJAProject back in 2011 and was urged by Denise Krebs to organize it again this year. Basically it is a group of mostly teachers, who love taking daily photos, but don't want to committ to a #365Project. Read more about how it got started here.

Please feel free to join us.

First #SummerReading PD book. #JJAProject