Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DEN Virtual Conference at Bissonet Plaza

On Saturday, April 24, Alexis Western and I hosted an in person event for the DEN Spring Virtual Conference at my school. Since it was the first day of Spring break for the teachers in our district, we decided to delay the start time until nine o'clock. We had a small intimate group but thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Alexis ad I showed the attendees how to register and then log in on their own laptops. We demonstrated the various features of the WebEx interface and encouraged them to chat with the other virtual attendees. We took a break when our catered lunch arrived from Chez Nous. During lunch we started talking about our personal learning network (PLN) and the power of Twitter. All of us on Twitter made sure we were following each other and tweeted about our event. We also explained the process for becoming a DEN STAR. Several of the teachers in attendance said they were going to apply.

We also spent time helping each other with our Promethean flipchart project that is due before the end of the school year and discussing our plans for learning over the summer. I had a wonderful day, learned plenty of new things, and added some awesome members to my PLN. I hope that is true for all who attended. Thanks for coming.