Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Check This Out - Edmodo Spotlight

When you need a resource or two to round out your weekly lesson plans where do you go to find some? Well, I think you should start with Edmodo Spotlight. It is a new addition to the Edmodo platform that allows teachers to share resources they have created or sites they recommend for others. Everyone can access Spotlight by going to this address - http://spotlight.edmodo.com.

Using the search filters on the left sidebar, you can search by subject, grade level, type of resources, and price. Yes, some resources being uploaded cost money, but there are so many that are FREE.

While everyone can access Spotlight, you will need an Edmodo account in order to post resources. You access Spotlight by clicking on the first icon to the right of the search bar on your homepage.

Are you a teacherpreneur? You'll want to check out how easy it is to upload your resources to Edmodo. Be sure to check out these three resources to learn even more about Spotlight.

1. About Edmodo Spotlight - FAQs
2. Edmodo Spotlight Best Practices
3. Edmodo Spotlight Code of Conduct

To get an idea of the kind of resources that you find on Spotlight check out Paula Naugle's Spotlight.

I would also like to point you to Christi Collins' Spotlight. I love all of the resources she has uploaded to her Spotlight and they're all free.

What are your thoughts about Edmodo Spotlight? Please share in the comments.