Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Inaugural #LAedchat - April 15, 2014

Sometimes bouncing ideas off of others makes them happen.  While attending the Google Summit in Lake Charles back in February, Marcie Hebert, Nate Kellogg and I had a conversation about Louisiana needing to start a state edchat.  We set a date to do a Google Hangout (GHO) after we returned home from the Summit and #LAedchat was born.

Nate crafted an awesome logo. We created a website. We set a date and picked a topic. During our second GHO the weekend before our inaugural chat, we shared a Google document, and created our list of questions, found some resources to share out during the chat, and discussed who we each should contact, and how we should spread the word about #LAedchat.

I was a little nervous as I fired up TweetDeck on my laptop and got ready to participate at 7:00 this evening. Would there be others beside Marcie, Nathan, and I taking part in the chat? Well, my nerves quickly faded as the tweets with the hashtag #LAedchat started streaming. Our topic - Being a Connected Educator - was attracting participation from lots of educators from Louisiana, other states, and even another country.

Special shout-outs to:
  • Tiffany Whitehead for having several of her fellow teachers and her principal join in for #LAedchat
  • Marlon Ng for joining in from Hong Kong and giving us a international connection 
  • Carl Gaines for always be such a great supporter of Louisiana educators
  • Kyle Calderwood who remind me that I introduced him to Twitter and is now paying it forward with this initiative 
  • Bethany Hill for sharing this great picture - 

Our inagural #LAedchat was inspiring and I look forward to next month's chat.  Thanks Marcie and Nate. We did it!